Mystery Donor

Town Hall

Trying to acquire funding for the Town Hall Project has been a roller-coaster exercise with many disappointments. However, since October 2007 were been buoyed up and intrigued by an anonymous donor who sent us £1 coins. These came mainly from the northern hemisphere but two were sent from South Africa and Australia. All were in identical handwriting and envelopes. Originally they carried short messages such as:- “hope this helps”, “for the cause” and so on but gradually became more lyrical. No less than 104 were received from places as diverse as Portugal, Rhodes, Dubrovnic and Poland. One sent from Lyon in May 2009 read:- 

Came down to Lyon in France
To find out about fund-raising grants
Alas – none could be found
So I send you this pound
Your lovely Town Hall to enhance.

The Viper

 The mystery donor began using this pseudonym in March 2008.

Local and national publicity encouraged others to respond in a similar way. We received small donations from The Leopard, The Grass Snake, Mondeoman and The Jackal. The Jackal, it seems, lived in the south of France and invoked the aid of his friend Sir Roger Moore to help track down The Viper. A 5 euro note came with his intriguing card. Mondeoman has sent several coins. The first came in February 2009 from Windsor, not the Castle so far as we are aware, though how nice that would be! The latest in July 2009 came from Mumbai.

Now… Imagine our suprise when The Viper recently revealed their identity to be no other than Chris Stacey, a Torrington resident, long time previous member of our committee and hard working Torrington Cavalier…. Amazing…!

Huge thanks for the publicity this gave our cause. If all Torritonians scattered throughout the world were to follow these examples the project would receive a significant financial boost as well as an exciting geography lesson. What about giving it a try?

There are a number of other towns and cities called Torrington worldwide which have derived their name from tiny Great Torrington in north Devon. Torrington Connecticut and Torrington Wyoming spring to mind and some help from our flourishing ‘offspring’ would be wonderful, gratefully received and add a whole new dimension to our project.

If you want to send a gift our ‘lovely Town Hall to enhance’ , you can do so via the ‘Donate’ button on the home page of this website. For postal donations, the address is:-

Great Torrington Buildings Preservation Trust
The Town Hall Office
High Street
Devon EX38 8HN

We would be most grateful.